Radiant LUX demo is available for download at

So, the day finally came, after so many hours of development, so many sleepless nights – and so much coffee drank at my day job to keep up with the rythm – the day finally came! There’s a demo version of the game fresh new to be downloaded from everybody in the whole wide world! YAY! :3

Radiant LUX is a 2D side-scroller shooter where you destroy enemies of a color, and you level up your shot of that color. You also deal more damage to enemies of the same color as your shot. You start out in the Red refraction, which spawns red enemies. However, occasionaly an enemy of a different color will appear. Kill that intruder, and a portal will spawn that leads to his refraction, which spawns enemies of that other color. That way you can get a new attack from that color and level it up (oh yeah, leveling up each color provides different attacks and passive abilities to your vessel).

Also, after gathering a few levels in different colors, a boss will appear. These bosses are made of several, multi-colored parts. And, remember, you deal more damage hitting stuff with shots of the same color. So, make use of that in your advantage! 🙂

Oh yeah, and all content is randomly generated. enemies, bosses and movement paths are all generated on-the-fly, so each time you play, the experience is unique 😀

The following features are present in the demo

  • 3 different colors for your vessel to level up (RED, BLUE and GREEN), each one with 5 levels of unique attacks and passive abilities!
  • One full stage filled with procedurally generated enemies and bosses using a modular system which makes every single enemy unique, WITH A BOSS IN THE END! Hit him good, hit him hard!
  • Combo system – the more enemies you defeat without being touched, the more points you make and the faster you level
  • Missions system – achieve randomly generated objectives in each playthrough to rack up even bigger scores
  • Classic Mode – an alternate way of playing reminiscent of the classic shoot-em-‘ups of the past!
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Hey hey hey, peoples!

Just passing by real quick to announce that we are now on IndieDB, one of the biggest catalogues of independent games 😀 And being THAT big, we’ll need massive help to stand out from that massive crowd, LOL

So, here’s the link:

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REDSHIFT Alpha trailer #1 is up!

Hey, peoples, what up? 😀

Just passing by real fast to say that REDSHIFT’s first alpha trailer is online! It wa made with a lot of love and care, so if you can, leave a comment there (and here too, why not? :D)

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